SunflowerThe Sunflower Ramblers chapter is chapter #32 of the Holiday Rambler Recreational Vehicle Club (HRRVC), the first and presently the only chapter in Kansas.  The Sunflowers usually meet the second weekend of the month from April through November for camping trips (please refer to the Camping Schedule) and in members’ homes or various restaurants during some winter months.

Members are located mainly in eastern, central and south-central Kansas.  Sunflower Ramblers form close bonds with other members and always have a great time at campouts and meetings.

To become a member of the Sunflower Ramblers, you must own or co-own a recreational vehicle (trailer or motor home) manufactured by Holiday Rambler, a division of Allied Recreation Group, and be a member of HRRVC (please see Please contact the president, listed below, if you are interested in further investigating membership in Sunflower Ramblers.

2015 Officers:
President:    Phyllis Burch
V.-Pres:         Jan Crumly
Secretary:    Carol List   
Treasurer:   Skip Evans

We welcome fellow Holiday Rambler owners to our close-knit fellowship!